Six of my favourite things to do around Ludlow

1) Clee Hill

Go to the top of the Clee Hill. There are incredible views up there. And on a nice day it is a tremendous walk. But if you are feeling lazy you can drive pretty much up to the top, climb the last bit and enjoy the view.

This rather nice time lapse video shows a little of the majesty of what it is like up here.

2) St Laurence’s Church.

I never cease to be amazed by this church. It is hard to believe looking at Ludlow now that in historic times, this was a remarkably important town. The Church however gives it away. Almost the same size as some Cathedrals this is a stunning church. For me though my highlight is climbing the stairs to the top of the tower and enjoying the view.

3) Ludlow Castle

You can’t avoid seeing Ludlow Castle. Well worth a visit, this is a special place full of historical significance.

4) The Ludlow Shops

Ludlow has a remarkably large number of butchers. Well worth checking out if you like your meats. Not only that but there is a great delicatessan and several bakers in town.

5) Ludlow Restaurants

There are so many Ludlow restaurants, it is hard to choose where to go. They reach all budgets and tastes. One of my personal favourites is the Mill on the Green cafe. This does a great lunch and has several healthy options. One of the great things about Ludlow though is that you could eat out in a different place every day for months and never get bored.

6) Ludlow Assembly Rooms

This is Ludlow’s Center for the Arts. And they have a theater and a cinema, with a wide range of performances to suit many tastes.

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